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Welcome to X-POLE, welcome to the world of pole and aerial! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, looking for a new way to keep fit or sharpening your skills for your next competition, we can provide you with the equipment and skills to reach your goal.

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A leading brand on the online store market in Sweden. Sell popular Pole-wear brands such as Bad Kitty, Rad Polewear, Dry Hands, Dew Point & others. You will have the oppurtunity to shop their products at the competition.


With force of our passion for pole dancing with elegance and the palm tree as a trademark, special features the unique designs and prints, Paradise Chick is exclusively handmade with excellent quality fabrics.

The brand that monopolizes from 2013 the outfit of girls engaged in pole dancing, aerial arts, dance and yoga around the world is rightfully recognized internationally as the most innovative sport lux brand that first created the series ”Sticky Leggings” & “Sticky Polewear” especially and appropriately for Pole Dance & Aerial Arts training & performance.

With mix & match attitude, Paradise Chick are designed to provide freedom in movement, confidence in practice and elegance in style.

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The Poledancerka brand produces dance apparel that can be used for all kinds of dynamic activity or daily movement. But the hallmark of the brand is the most famous and sexy knee pads currently available on the market.  The main characteristics of Poledancerka’s sporty, sensual, luxury apparel are its awesome designs. It’s a quirky mix of different modern materials that merge comfortably with the user’s body and conjure up an almost haute couture glamour.



Hi, I’m Dianna aka Cosmic Orchid, creator of Polerized Pins.I started Polerized Pins because I wanted to combine two of my favorite things, my love of pole dance and enamel pins. I took my first pole dance class a little over a year and a half ago  and quickly became addicted. I have slowly been building a collection of enamel pins on my pole bag and realized I needed a pin to express my love of pole dance…and so it began.











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Pole Theatre Scandinavia Sponsorships
Pole Theatre is an exciting and entertaining pole competition, open to all scandinavian competitors, male and female.

Pole Theatre is an opportunity for pole performers to display their many and varied talents, in the creation of a visual spectacular to thrill and inspire their audience. The focus of this competition is on the art of performance, with four categories; Pole Art, Pole Comedy, Pole Drama, and Pole Classique.

We would love to have you involved in what will be a truly amazing night – the very best pole entertainers on stage together to create a night of entertainment and theatrics we will not soon forget!

Pole Theatre titles
We will have two divisions, Semi-Pro and Pro. In each division, one competitor will be crowned Overall Champion. In each division, there will be one winner for each of the four category. So in Semi-Pro and Pro, there will be 5 titles awarded on the night for both divisions (10 in total):
Overall Champion,
Pole Classique Winner,
Pole Art Winner,
Pole Drama Winner
Pole Comedy Winner.

Sponsor prizes in the form of merchandise, gifts & vouchers are also welcomed for prizes on the evening. Advertising for the sponsor will be provided. Contact us for more info.

As Pole Theatre is such a fun and creative event, we are always ready to come up with interesting and memorable ways to promote the sponsors throughout the evening. If you have any special requests or ideas for how you would like to be promoted on the night, please contact us to discuss.

To read more about our sponsor packages download this document.